Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My purpose....

My purpose with my blog, is to help YOU become the best, most fulfilled, creative, frugal, satisfied, emulatory [one who others want to emulate...did i just make up a word? i don't know...did i? ] home&family maker-builder-developer you can be. I have been a thrilled and satisfied and excited woman/wife/ mother/ friend/ fully-devoted-follower of Jesus Christ, for over 30 years. And my passion is to help YOU become THAT too! So this is the place to check out on a regular basis, to see how and what the God of all creation inspires me to say and do! It'll be a neat exploration together! On with the journey!


  1. This is great, Mary! I'm looking forward to being spurred on by your "home&family maker-builder-developer" tips of experience and inspiration!

  2. Thanks, Mary!! Looking forward to it!