Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bright Smile/ Premium White

Don't buy this! Don't be an idiot like I was. I fell for this gimmick. WISE GAL...SOME WISE GAL I AM! My husband just lectured: "if a deal sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true."

I am sick to my stomach. I will never fall for a ploy like this again. I am 59 years old. I should have known better.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi my friends, and Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving is coming, and guess what I'm happy about? I snagged a writing gig, as the "Christmas Examiner" for EXAMINER.COM. I get to write my little heart out, covering all things Christmas. You can subscribe to me, and help me build my readership! And let me tell you--I'm not going to get rich on this. But I will get writing experience, and will learn lots of neat, techy things, so it will be highly challenging, fun, and rewarding. Drop me ideas if you want me to cover a certain topic. However, I have about 30 great ideas already. Hopefully, I'll get a new post written today...and tomorrow...and the next day....God bless you, and God bless ME!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cheap, easy downloaded Music

I just joined Netted...a site that tells you about all the new, cool websites sprouting up out there. They send you a daily email [which may be more than I want...], and my very first one is very helpful. Read on and enjoy Netted.

Easy Listening
The Simplest, Most Affordable Way To Buy (And Store) Music Online
The most frustrating aspect of buying music online is the inability to listen to a complete song or album before you purchase. (Even Nickelback is palatable in a 30 second snippet). is changing the game by allowing users to listen to any of the 8 million songs on the site for free, in their entirety, in an ad-free environment.
Granted, you can only listen once. But if you like the song you can buy a web version of it for a mere 10 cents.It's then saved in your personal library, accessible from any browser, including the one in your phone. Your music is on the “cloud” whenever you want to listen. MP3 versions are available for an additional 79 cents (yes, that's cheaper than those other guys who sell tunes). These are loaded straight into iTunes and, because they are DRM-free, can be played on any device you have., one of the providing partners for the newly launched Google Music, has agreements with the four major record labels and more than 170,000 independent labels and distributors. This means all the music is licensed (and legal). In other words, your days as a music pirate may be over.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting the jump on Christmas

We Minneapolitans have been blessed with a virtual Indian summer the past two weeks. Days of 50 degree weather and occasional sunshine mean one thing in mid-November: Christmas decorations! It's time to put up those Christmas decorations before the weather turns on us again and starts snowing!

Why wait until after Thanksgiving? The weather's perfect for putting up those Christmas lights (who wants to wait until it's 10 below/ and snow flurries are whipping your face). Start digging out your arsenal of Christmas decorations from up in the attic, or under the stairs. Do your inventory. What's passe, broken, or boring, and what do you need [want] to buy, replace, or think about.

The superstores' ad circulars are a great place to browse. You might even want to take a 'window-shopping' stroll around some of your favorite store's Christmas aisles.There are wonderful items out there and great prices. The stores want to get you in their buildings, and they’re having lots of great sales. The superstores like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards are having an abundance of price-beating sales. The craft stores like Michaels and Jo Ann's not only have sales on things like trees, and ornaments, but they have classes and contests appealing to the handmade/ homemade craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Don’t forget Martha Stewart and all the Home shows on TV and in the magazines. You can read the magazines, and watch the TV shows, and then go to the local shops to duplicate the ideas for cheaper prices and less ‘foo foo’ directions. How about the gingerbread house tree? Go to and learn how to make the swag decorate the house and the tree. Or you can go to Michaels and do it on the cheap Martha style!

But whatever your style or budget….now is the time to ‘seize the day’ and get out there, and organize yourself and do your planning and shopping and decorating, while the weather is great and while the sales are going on and while you’re still in a wonderful, festive mood. Fa La La La La!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can't believe I just did this

Have you ever fallen 'victim' to some unbelieveably great claim on Aol News, that pops up every morning when you turn on your computer? Well I...[sheepishly she said]...just did. I fell for the claim: "Don't Break the Bank: A Mom's Trick to Whiter Teeth!" advertising the two-punch jab of teeth-whitening miracles using DAZZLE SMILE and Premium Whiting. I FELL for it! But I'm only out $3 for both, if they don't work! But if they work, I'm the WINNER! [They're REALLY for my husband. My teeth are ridiculously white (she lied.) ] I just hope it's not some big computer scam to get my credit card number. Stay tuned for further reports on ridiculously whitened teeth for only $3! Woo Hoo!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Will the REAL Brent Knox please stand up!
Which is better? To GO as 'Brent Knox' or to BE 'Brent Knox?'
When did 'Brent Knox' BECOME a COSTUME?
Is it TRUE that you attain CELEBRITY status, when people start being 'YOU' at Halloween parties?
Cool! Brent! You've attained.
This rates right up there with Jim Carrey going as the Geico Caveman. Funny stuff.

A Few of my Favorite Things...I mean, People!

Some of my favorite blogs/ and writers/ and people.

His girlfriend, and my friend, Sarah:

My niece and special "Pick" partner, Casey:

Who? Who?

November 2nd, and my thoughts turn to...well, surfing the Net trying to find deals. Today I found this cute little pillow at Urban Outfitters. Check out their sale section. It's a lot of fun. Very old school, 60's, hippie.