Friday, July 24, 2009

Anne Lamott: Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

I am so bad about finishing books. The Ladies 1st Detective Agency is sitting on my end table, looking at me, hinting, "Hey...I'm over here. You're not finished with me yet!" On my search for a good book to take to the cabin...I got very A.D.D. perusing Amazon book reviews. I got thinking about future Christmas and birthday gifts. Since I am a Molly Wizenberg fan, and love her column in Bon Appetit, I decided to buy her book, The Homemade Life. Then Amazon did one of those, "If you like THAT...then you will like THIS!" things on me. They nudged me in the ribs with Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, 'some instructions on Writing and Life.' Let's just say they got me at 'Writing.'
My book arrived yesterday. I decided just to read a sentence or two, to see if my judgment was still good. I got hook- line-and sinkered. I ended up on my deck after dinner, reading 4 chapters, dirty dishes, waiting for me , feeling abandoned.
So, Anne Lamott is now my new friend. She and I think alike. She is a writer, I am a writer [but not as good as Anne Lamott.] I am not really a writer. I am a blogger. I bet Anne Lamott would like blogging. It's fast, and gives you the same kind of thrill of 'getting published.' Well, a blog is NOT EXACTLY getting published. But KINDA. Here's what Anne [I call her Annie...] says about writing: "It provides some sort of primal verification: you are in print; therefore you exist."

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