Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Microcotton Towels...mmmmm

We have three weddings we are attending this August. We have also been talking alot about weddings around this home. It makes me start thinking, "If I were to register for my bridal gifts...what would I register for?" One of the must-haves on my registry list would be
Macy's Hotel Collection "Microcotton" Luxury Towel Collection. We have two of these in our home. Four people fight over the two. They're the best towels I've ever used, and I'm 58, so try to beat THAT! I'm going to use my sale coupons, and buy a few more, in different colors, so no more fighting, and everyone will have their color-coded towel. Mmm...which color should I select? Basil? Twilight? Aegean?

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yesterday at WeightWatchers we talked about how to get more fruit into our lives. We talked about freezing berries and grapes, and eating them, instead of chips and crackers. One of my members freezes cherries...pit and all. Not me. I'm gonna get one of these nifty Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitters, for $12.95, from Amazon or Target. Used like a little hole-puncher thingy, you just clamp and spit! So...for a frozen treat to die for...or to include in your KITCHN Back to Basics Cherry Pie recipe...line up for your cherry picker. Behind me, excuse me!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save the Children re-useable shopping bag

I ran into T.J. Maxx to pick up a wonderful, cozy blanket as a thank-you gift for the friends who loaned us their 'up north' cabin for a relaxing vacation. As I was walking up to the cashier, I saw these adorable re-usable shopping bags, for only $.99. I can't resist these bags, even though I ALWAYS forget to bring them along when I shop. But the resourceful woman that I am, I told the cashier as he was pulling out yet another plastic bag to bag my items, "You can just put them in there, and save yourself a bag!" [Yippee! Good for me!] When I got home, I kept admiring the unloaded bag. Then, when I got ready to bag up the blanket for my friend, I thought, "Gosh, for 99 cents, this is a cheap gift-wrapping bag/ plus they get a secondary gift of a re-useable shopping bag." I think I'm going to run back up to T.J. Maxx and buy a LOT more, and use them for the up-coming weddings we have yet to attend! It's the perfect size for those bigger, wedding gifts. Plus...here's the kicker: The bags are designed with Save the Children original children’s artwork, and for each bag purchased, T.J. Maxx will donate one basic item such as; socks, underwear and backpacks to Save the Children’s U.S. programs, up to 25,000 items. Isn't that cool! So you too can go buy these bags....if I don't beat you to it, and buy the whole kitn'kaboodle.

Heinz Catsup

I love Heinz Ketchup. My parents were Brooks Catsup brand-loyalists. I have carried few brand-loyalties from them. Heinz is an example. I just like it better. That was until Heinz designed the new, stand-on-its-head, cap. Cute idea. Bad execution. First off, it's too bulky and heavy to hold. Second of all...it squirts on and splatters all over....you, your plate, the counter. Boo Hiss. My adult kids hate the bottling too. And so do all their friends. I decided to complain about it. Evidently other people are complaining too. I hope it results in a change. One thing it did result in was some coupons. They want to make it right. They better. They don't want me turning to Hunts, now, do they? P.S. Notice the "Splat your friends with the world's favorite ketchup?" And they think 'Splatting' is a GOOD thing?


I have been on the hunt to find the 'perfect' coffee "travel" mug. It's been a challenge. You think you've found the perfect one, and then you discover that it's either non-dishwasher-able, or non-microwaveable. Those are ABSOLUTE requirements in my book. Plus they have to be big, cuz I like my coffee! And of course, being cute would also make me happy. Well...I found THE PERFECT COFFEE MUG. At the PERFECT STORE--my local SUPER-TARGET. I heart Super-Targets. Doesn't EVERYONE? Well...anyway...back to my mug. It's made by Aladdin [of course...the genie in the bottle story, and all that....or was that a magic carpet? oh well, nevermind!]

The mug is called the Essential Infuser. It holds 12 oz.s and it comes in cute colors: fuschia, steele blue, and lime green. I bought the lime green one. It can hold your coffee, or you can make fresh coffee or tea in it, with its own built-in infuser. What a clever, cool, creative idea. Aladdin. Gotta have one.


I just opened up my link to Apartment Therapy/ KITCHN and discovered the MOST EXCITING NEWS! The new 2010 Ikea catalog is coming soon. Drool, drool! I heart Ikea. Apartment Therapy lists their top ten fave items. I'll do mine someday. But for now...just wanted to inform you of the good news. See you there for their sweet/ cheap scrambled egg breakfast. And they have leather sofas you can curl up on, instead of uncomfortable stainless steel dining furniture. Ouch. Did I tell you, I heart Ikea?