Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is my cutie pie son Nate the Great. Nate just graduated from college. Pray for him to get a job. If you own your own firm, or know a firm that is hiring writers, journalists, PR or marketing people in the MPLS area....give me your info and I'll pass it on to Nate. The Great!

Exercise Clothes

Help me, anybody! I need to buy some exercise clothes to wear to the 'club.' Lifetime. I LOVE MY LIFETIME! But I need to wear some REAL exercise clothes. And I don't know where to begin. Nothing really looks quite right. I think that's why I swim. I KNOW what to wear in the water. But I'm clueless on what to wear doing the elliptical, or the weight machines, or the bike. I'm freezing when I go/ but then I get to hot when I'm exercising. Oh the dilemma. Someone help me out!

Red Flats

A while back my niece, TEEN FASHIONISTA, asked her readers for their opinion on cute red flats. Then I received an Eddie Bauer catalog, which I only casually peruse. They had some cute things in there. Comfortable Born boots for winter. Some cute Yoga Wear And then I spotted them: RED Eddie Bauer Buckle-Toe Flats. Check these cutie pies out. Now only if I could try them on in their store...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just got HORSE SOLDIERS from the library for my hubby to read on vacation. However, being on the bestseller list/ the reserve list was greatly backlogged. Vacation is over, he has no time to read. And they'll only let us have it for 2 weeks. Then on to the next person on the reserve list. So I started it/ just to see if it was any good. And Doug Stanton had me at "Trouble came in the night." It is a suspenseful thriller, believe you me. But it true/ and is still happening in Afghanistan. It's a bit like THREE CUPS OF TEE, but all about the military efforts in Afghanistan, by our precious boys, 'the HORSE SOLDIERS.' I can't tell you anymore cuz I'm only on p. 28. Gotta read faster. Only 10 more days, and ticking fast. Gonna have to go to Lifetime and play like I'm biking, but I'm really reading! I wrote my brother and told him to buy it on 'tape' and listen to it. Bet it's great that way. It reminds me of the TV show THE UNIT, but in book form. Here's to Horse Soldiers and high blood pressure!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!

My dear friends: I am so sorry I've been absent in my writing. Something threw me for a loop. My son, not meaning to, influenced me negatively, by criticizing my writing and my blog. It totally shot my confidence. I wavered. Tottered. Went totally insecure. And the fruit? The consequences? I stopped writing. Darn him! I'll never listen to him again. I'll just throw myself headlong into my writing, and if no one reads me...and nothing becomes of my blog, THAT'S OKAY. So I'll be back. I just need to compose myself, organize myself, find my voice, find my audience...and START WRITING AGAIN. With that said...I've got to go on my newfound love....BIKE-RIDING AT SUNSET POND! Adieu, mes amies.