Saturday, July 18, 2009


We're having people over today. That means cleaning house, prepping foods, and other such sundry stuff [eloquent, aren't I!] I've discovered several cleaning items i LOVE. First off...I'm a firm believer in using 'generic' store instead of buying Glad Wrap...I buy Target's brand of glad wrap. You always save about a dollar...and Really...can you find ANY difference? I don't think so. This week...I was impressed with SHOUT! fabric stain remover. My son was in charge of grilling burgers at Padilla for the company grill-out. During the time, he got charcoal mess all over his new pants. He complained that he was going to have to buy all new pants. But SHOUT! came to the rescue. Totally removed the two stains. Then I used the Target brand of carpet stain remover....It's a miracle product. Spray it on a carpet stain...rub it around with your fingers...and a few hours, the stain is GONE, GONE, GONE!

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