Friday, July 3, 2009

3rd of July

Hubbie and I are getting a taste of the 'empty nest.' Our sons are at the 3rd of July 'Bloomington Fete!' Hubbie is at church; I am at home, doing home-ly things: laundry, dishes, etc. Today I am trying some new domestic products. Product #1 : SMELLY WASHER.COM CLEANER. I read about this in the STARTRIBUNE about a year ago. I just got around to buying it today. Its selling points: removes washer odors, removes towel mildew, up to 24 treatments for under $20, easy to use, all natural. Who can beat that! I'll tell you in upcoming posts what I think of it, and if it works. Google it at above .com address!
The 2nd product I'm trying is DRYEL . In this bad economy, I thought I'd try to save money and skip the drycleaners, and try drycleaning, myself, at home! $6.99. Not a bad price for 4 bags of drycleaning! Again...I'll let you know, soon, how it goes.
And lastly...Kiwi Select Sport Fast-Acting Cleaner. What you use to make white leather sports shoes WHITER! Son #2 gave Husband #1 [one and only!] his old white sport shoes...scuffs and all! So...when Hub #1 gets home, we'll give it a try.
p.s. As always, I welcome comments and advice from the 'peanut gallery.' Peace

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  1. Hey, Mary! Don't you just hate smelly washers! I've tried Smelly Washer and here's what I think: it probably works well in a tub washer because the stuff needs to stand overnight in a full tub. But in a front loader like I have, it doesn't seem to work as well because, by design, there just isn't much water to move around. Good luck with de-smelling!