Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Microcotton Towels...mmmmm

We have three weddings we are attending this August. We have also been talking alot about weddings around this home. It makes me start thinking, "If I were to register for my bridal gifts...what would I register for?" One of the must-haves on my registry list would be
Macy's Hotel Collection "Microcotton" Luxury Towel Collection. We have two of these in our home. Four people fight over the two. They're the best towels I've ever used, and I'm 58, so try to beat THAT! I'm going to use my sale coupons, and buy a few more, in different colors, so no more fighting, and everyone will have their color-coded towel. Mmm...which color should I select? Basil? Twilight? Aegean?

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