Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save the Children re-useable shopping bag

I ran into T.J. Maxx to pick up a wonderful, cozy blanket as a thank-you gift for the friends who loaned us their 'up north' cabin for a relaxing vacation. As I was walking up to the cashier, I saw these adorable re-usable shopping bags, for only $.99. I can't resist these bags, even though I ALWAYS forget to bring them along when I shop. But the resourceful woman that I am, I told the cashier as he was pulling out yet another plastic bag to bag my items, "You can just put them in there, and save yourself a bag!" [Yippee! Good for me!] When I got home, I kept admiring the unloaded bag. Then, when I got ready to bag up the blanket for my friend, I thought, "Gosh, for 99 cents, this is a cheap gift-wrapping bag/ plus they get a secondary gift of a re-useable shopping bag." I think I'm going to run back up to T.J. Maxx and buy a LOT more, and use them for the up-coming weddings we have yet to attend! It's the perfect size for those bigger, wedding gifts.'s the kicker: The bags are designed with Save the Children original children’s artwork, and for each bag purchased, T.J. Maxx will donate one basic item such as; socks, underwear and backpacks to Save the Children’s U.S. programs, up to 25,000 items. Isn't that cool! So you too can go buy these bags....if I don't beat you to it, and buy the whole kitn'kaboodle.

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