Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heinz Catsup

I love Heinz Ketchup. My parents were Brooks Catsup brand-loyalists. I have carried few brand-loyalties from them. Heinz is an example. I just like it better. That was until Heinz designed the new, stand-on-its-head, cap. Cute idea. Bad execution. First off, it's too bulky and heavy to hold. Second of squirts on and splatters all, your plate, the counter. Boo Hiss. My adult kids hate the bottling too. And so do all their friends. I decided to complain about it. Evidently other people are complaining too. I hope it results in a change. One thing it did result in was some coupons. They want to make it right. They better. They don't want me turning to Hunts, now, do they? P.S. Notice the "Splat your friends with the world's favorite ketchup?" And they think 'Splatting' is a GOOD thing?


  1. My Jon says the same thing!! He is a Heinz loyalist, too -- but the cap needs some re-engineering.....

  2. The cap totally sucks!

    I hate it more than I hate Cicadas!
    It potentially COULD work, but they'd have to use a different secure flap to make it less intense.

    That, essentially, is the whole problem.

    Dear Heinz, FIX IT!