Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!

My dear friends: I am so sorry I've been absent in my writing. Something threw me for a loop. My son, not meaning to, influenced me negatively, by criticizing my writing and my blog. It totally shot my confidence. I wavered. Tottered. Went totally insecure. And the fruit? The consequences? I stopped writing. Darn him! I'll never listen to him again. I'll just throw myself headlong into my writing, and if no one reads me...and nothing becomes of my blog, THAT'S OKAY. So I'll be back. I just need to compose myself, organize myself, find my voice, find my audience...and START WRITING AGAIN. With that said...I've got to go on my newfound love....BIKE-RIDING AT SUNSET POND! Adieu, mes amies.

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