Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been on the hunt to find the 'perfect' coffee "travel" mug. It's been a challenge. You think you've found the perfect one, and then you discover that it's either non-dishwasher-able, or non-microwaveable. Those are ABSOLUTE requirements in my book. Plus they have to be big, cuz I like my coffee! And of course, being cute would also make me happy. Well...I found THE PERFECT COFFEE MUG. At the PERFECT STORE--my local SUPER-TARGET. I heart Super-Targets. Doesn't EVERYONE? Well...anyway...back to my mug. It's made by Aladdin [of course...the genie in the bottle story, and all that....or was that a magic carpet? oh well, nevermind!]

The mug is called the Essential Infuser. It holds 12 oz.s and it comes in cute colors: fuschia, steele blue, and lime green. I bought the lime green one. It can hold your coffee, or you can make fresh coffee or tea in it, with its own built-in infuser. What a clever, cool, creative idea. Aladdin. Gotta have one.

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