Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just got HORSE SOLDIERS from the library for my hubby to read on vacation. However, being on the bestseller list/ the reserve list was greatly backlogged. Vacation is over, he has no time to read. And they'll only let us have it for 2 weeks. Then on to the next person on the reserve list. So I started it/ just to see if it was any good. And Doug Stanton had me at "Trouble came in the night." It is a suspenseful thriller, believe you me. But it true/ and is still happening in Afghanistan. It's a bit like THREE CUPS OF TEE, but all about the military efforts in Afghanistan, by our precious boys, 'the HORSE SOLDIERS.' I can't tell you anymore cuz I'm only on p. 28. Gotta read faster. Only 10 more days, and ticking fast. Gonna have to go to Lifetime and play like I'm biking, but I'm really reading! I wrote my brother and told him to buy it on 'tape' and listen to it. Bet it's great that way. It reminds me of the TV show THE UNIT, but in book form. Here's to Horse Soldiers and high blood pressure!

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  1. I see the book Three Cups of Tea all the time, but I have yet to read it. Perhaps I'll give it a whirl, then try my hand at Horse Soldiers! :)