Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celestial Seasonings Tea Fan

I drink coffee in the morning. But after 1 p.m. it's all about the Tea. But I'm not a Tea-snob. Since the 70's I've been a Celestial Seasonings gal. Recently, my favorites have been Lemon Zinger and Peppermint. I love Peppermint's picture: a red-bowed reed basket of Candy Canes. It's like Christmas every day. Lemon, just so... lemony. What's not to love about Lemon. In a cup. Hot. Yum.

But more importantly, I like their dedication to the environment. Here's what their little box says: "Ever wonder why....NO STRING AND TAG? ....It's our commitment to doing what's best for the environment. Natural fiber tea bags don't need strings, tags, staples or individual wrappers. We're able to save more than 3.5 million lbs of waste from the the landfills."

Why do I like this? I loathe having to open the Tazo or Bigelow wrappers. And I like to microwave my tea in large quart Bell Jars. Using tea bags without paper and staples, like Lipton uses. So, Celestial Seasonings, you had me after "Ever wonder why no string or staples?"

It's also fun to read the poetic quotes on the box, like: "A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience." --Oliver Wendell Holmes. Mmmm, CS, I lift my peppermint cup of tea to you!

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