Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Wonderful Little Laundry Tip

Here's a little laundry tip I bet you didn't know. I've had 30 plus years of doing my family's laundry. But I had never heard of this. Now I will put it into practice. When drying your laundry: "Give clothes a little shake before putting them in the dryer." It will help eliminate wrinkles! Hurray! Next: and I'm SURE you know this: "Dry clothes just long enough to remove moisture and wrinkles." And might I add: hang them up, shirts on hangers, jeans on clothes lines, to air dry. And voila! No ironing...or at least, LESS ironing. And if there ARE remaining wrinkles: Praise God for Wrinkle Release. --compliments from Clorox's, Laundry Made Easy booklet, inserted in my new Maytag Washing Machine, purchased at Menards.

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