Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm still thinking of you....

Dear sweet blog....Here's what I wrote on my Xanga: "Dear Xanga, This is not a break-up letter. I have not forgotten you. I just need to figure out how to work you in. I am sorry. I still love you. I will write more...in 2010. Or figure out...where we stand. "

OMG...This is EXACTLY how I feel about you, dear WISEGAL. Stay tuned. I will figure something out in the next two weeks. It's just that Examiner is a paying gig. I just need how to earn money from YOU. That sounds HORRIBLE doesn't it. I really like you better. I have no restrictions/ no parameters/ no rules. It's just you and me.

Oh the dilemma. God will show me. Maybe at Faithwalkers. I need to have a man to man with God. He needs to guide me. Until then...Your ...i'd like to say 'faithful' friend, but I haven't been that....so....your friend. Friends by faith.

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