Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting the jump on Christmas

We Minneapolitans have been blessed with a virtual Indian summer the past two weeks. Days of 50 degree weather and occasional sunshine mean one thing in mid-November: Christmas decorations! It's time to put up those Christmas decorations before the weather turns on us again and starts snowing!

Why wait until after Thanksgiving? The weather's perfect for putting up those Christmas lights (who wants to wait until it's 10 below/ and snow flurries are whipping your face). Start digging out your arsenal of Christmas decorations from up in the attic, or under the stairs. Do your inventory. What's passe, broken, or boring, and what do you need [want] to buy, replace, or think about.

The superstores' ad circulars are a great place to browse. You might even want to take a 'window-shopping' stroll around some of your favorite store's Christmas aisles.There are wonderful items out there and great prices. The stores want to get you in their buildings, and they’re having lots of great sales. The superstores like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards are having an abundance of price-beating sales. The craft stores like Michaels and Jo Ann's not only have sales on things like trees, and ornaments, but they have classes and contests appealing to the handmade/ homemade craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Don’t forget Martha Stewart and all the Home shows on TV and in the magazines. You can read the magazines, and watch the TV shows, and then go to the local shops to duplicate the ideas for cheaper prices and less ‘foo foo’ directions. How about the gingerbread house tree? Go to and learn how to make the swag decorate the house and the tree. Or you can go to Michaels and do it on the cheap Martha style!

But whatever your style or budget….now is the time to ‘seize the day’ and get out there, and organize yourself and do your planning and shopping and decorating, while the weather is great and while the sales are going on and while you’re still in a wonderful, festive mood. Fa La La La La!!

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