Saturday, October 17, 2009


You know how much I enjoy cooking. Well....that's not really true. I enjoy EATING good cooking, and I'd MUCH prefer someone else doing the cooking. At times I coveted Oprah's personal cook, Rosie, thinking that'd be the life, to have your own personal cook. I'd be REALLY FAT, though, if that was the case. I digress...back to tonite's dinner. I'm going to try morphing two delicious sounding recipes together, that I found on KITCHN's website. I'm going to morph Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan's version of Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Coconut recipe with Jaimie's original recipe. Chicken in Milk, and do my WeightWatcher's magic on them. I'm going to lighten them up, and lower the 'Points' value. That's been the thing that's benefitted me most as a 'Lifetime' member, for 9 years. I just hope this is going to be as fabulous as Faith Durand swears!

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  1. Wow, I thought my daughter got her writing talent from God. Or maybe me. But now I know - her writing voice is a lot like yours. I'm a very proud sister.